Aladdin Treasures - About us

Aladdin Treasures of Kashmir was founded in 1968 by Mr Mehraj ud Din. With humble commencements, the handicraft of Aladdin has been from generation to generation. Presently it is still a family owned business. The craftmen have taken this heritage from their ancestors.

Each piece manufactured by Aladdin is unique and a masterpiece created with love and care. On the same way each piece is also reaching the customer with love and care. Our shawls are our pride and our assets. We always use natural raw materials in order to make our shawls look more luxurious (for example dying of shawls, washing, weaving etc.)

One important point: Aladdin has never used any child labour and as a matter of fact, we are very much involved with child care associations in Kashmir.

The goal of Aladdin Treasures of Kashmir is to make the craft known and appreciated in the entire world. Therefore with the same intention, a branch was created in Switzerland several years ago.

We are grateful and thankful to the All Mighty and to our esteemed customers in making the success of Aladdin Treasures of Kashmir. The motive of Aladdin is the satisfaction of its customers.

Yours faithfully,
Rashid Irfan